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YS3120CNC/YS3132CNC CNC High-speed Gear Hobbing Machine Model

The machine are CNC High-speed Gear Hobbing Machines with the following 6 axes working under the CNC control: Radial feed axis (X-axis),axis feed axis (Z-axis),hob spindle running axis (B-axis),worktable running axis (C-axis)and cutter carriage swivel(A axis).
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Main features:

   The major structure members are of double-wall design to ensure a nice rigidity; The AC spindle motor is directly mounted on the hob head,and the drive is transmitted to the spindle via three pairs of high-precision cylindricial helical gears,thus minimizing the transmission.When the hob head is swiveled to a desired angle,it is firmly clamped on the hob slide by the five-point clamping system.

   The automatic tool clamping device has enabled the machine to perform a quick and rapid tool-changing operation.The hob shifting plate is hydraually clamped at multi-points.The hob head has a short suspension length which provides a high body rigidity.

   Big-diameter and high precision cylindrical gears are adopted in the transmission chain and supported by high-rigidity bearings imported from overseas.

   The machine is equipped with a unique automatic locking mechnism.An extremely high pressure force can be applied to clamp the workpiece to assure a stable cutting accuracy.All major slideways,featured in perfect vibration resistance,strong bearing power,high guiding accuracy consistency,are designed in large rectangular shape,insertde with steel strip,hardened and coated with teflon.

Heat sensors are installed at key positions of the machine,and the temperature of cooling oil can be controlled by the temperature regulator.The cooled oil runs back to and circulates in the machine bed to create a nice thermal balance for the whole machine body so as to obtain the desired hobbing accurracy.

The machine is equipped with a reliable trouble locating system and thoughtful safety protection facilities.

Main specification: